Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keep Your Fingers Crossed.....

Tristan's days and nights have been mixed up for the last couple of weeks.  This has been his schedule for the last two nights:

Friday night:

Asleep at midnight
Up at 2:45am to eat
Back down at 3:45am
Up at 6:45am to eat
Back down at 7:30am
Up at 8:15am for the day

Saturday night

Asleep at 12:30am
Up at 4:00 am to eat
Back down at 5:30am
Up at 7:45am to eat
Back down at 9:00am
Still asleep as of 11:30am

Keep your fingers crossed that things are turning around for our little guy.


Mammaw and Prapaw said...

Yea for Tristan!! We'll pray that he keeps this up or does even better by only getting up once during the night so that his parents can get some sleep. We love and miss you, Tristan.

Mammaw and Prapaw

The Design Girl said...

Well, you already had some decent luck. You won the blog makeover! Please fill out your order form when you can and be sure to mention on the form someplace that you won so I have note of it.


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the Blog. Love the pictures (except the guy in sunglasses, that one made me a little queasy)

The Boring Shirt Guy