Tuesday, February 2, 2010



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I am SO mad right now. 

I am so mad I could spit.  In fact, I think I just did a little on my laptop. 

Let me start off by saying that I love my husband more than life itself.  He is my best friend and I know when it came down to it he would do anything for me.  However, he is the world's BIGGEST procrastinator.  He likes to put off doing almost anything. 

Oh my gosh!  It drives me nuts.

 In this case, all he needs to do is go the grocery store.  Now, just so you know, I ALWAYS offer to go with him.  I'm just not quite comfortable going by myself yet with a 2 month old.  Most times he will offer to go by himself so we don't have to bundle up the baby and get him out in the cold weather.   

In this particular case, he was supposed to have the afternoon off on Friday.  So I was all prepared to go, grocery list in hand.  Well, because of things at work he had no control over (I hate his job, but that's another story entirely), we were unable to go.  So the solution was that he was going to let me sleep in on Saturday morning and then after I was up and showered, we would go to the store. 

So on Saturday morning, I slept in, got up and showered and was all ready to go.  On Saturday, however, my sweet baby boy was not feeling well at all.  So we BOTH decided not to get out and go to the store. Jason offered to go by himself on Sunday. 

Sunday came and went and he didn't go to the grocery store.  He did go to Sam's with a friend of his and got toliet paper and kleenex, but we still had no food in the house.  So he said that he would go Monday on his way home from work. 

Monday came and he ended up working late and didn't make it to the grocery store.  He did run by and grab something that I could throw together for dinner because we were both SO tired of fast food.  He promised that he was going to get up this morning and 6am and go to the grocery store before he had to be at work at 8am. 

So 6am rolls around this morning.  I get up with the baby to feed him.  Jason gets the bottle ready for me like he always does while I'm changing Tristan's diaper.  I was feeling slightly giddy inside because I was thinking that since he's up helping me with the baby, he might acutally FINALLY get to the grocery store.  So Tristan and I settle in and what does Jason do?  He goes back to bed.....

He made it to work by 8am, but we still have no groceries.  UGH!!


kristi said...

Can he watch the baby while you go??

Jodie said...

Oh he most definitely could, but at this point it's more a matter of principle. =)