Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Layla Grace

UPDATE:  Layla Grace passed away this morning.  Please keep her family in your prayers during this difficult time. 



About a week ago, I stumbled upon the story of Layla Grace.  She is a precious, sweet 2-year old baby girl in the final stages of Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  She is under hospice care at home now resting in her parents' arms until her angels come to carry her home. 

My heart is breaking for this family.  I can't even imagine what they are going through right now.  I can't even imagine what it must be like to feel that helpless.  I can't imagine what it must be like to watch your baby dying. 

I hope I never have to. 

This story has affected me so much more than I ever thought it would.  I find myself wanting to just sob for this family and what they are going through. 

I sat today just watching my sweet baby boy sleeping and trying to imagine what life would be like without him. 

I couldn't do it. 

His smile lights up the room.  His laugh is SO infectious.  He is my whole world and to imagine life without him is unbearable.

Layla Grace's mother did a radio interview this morning with Ryan Seacrest.  During one part of the interview, Ryan asked her how Layla was coping with all of this.  Her mother's response was "this is all she has ever known".

I don't pretend to understand what God's plans are for this little girl, but Hhe DOES have one.  It just isn't an earthly plan.  I do know that her story has already touched so many and will continue to do so after she is gone.

If you feel compelled to do so, PLEASE pray for this family.  No, I don't know them personally.  And until a week ago,  I had never heard the name Layla Grace.

As a new mother, I appreciate every second that I have with my sweet boy.  I look forward to his first step, his first word, and so many more milestones that he will have as he grows up.

Tonight, I want to thank Layla Grace's mother for sharing her daughter's story with the world.  It's because of her story that I know I will never take a single moment for granted and I will appreciate those milestones SO much more.

If you would like to read Layla Grace's story you can find it here


Anonymous said...

I have been following her too for some time. It just breaks my heart.

Anna said...

WoW! I just read a few blogs, and just like you it makes my heart ache and want to cry for this family. I can NOT even begin to imagine what emotional pain they are going through. I tried finding out how to follow their blog but couldn't see where it was to do so, do you know how?

Katy and Ross said...

I hadn't heard about this either-thank you for posting! We'll be keeping her in our prayers now.

I've linked you up on my blog for a game...come play with us :)

Katy and Ross said...

Oh no :(