Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A New Chapter Begins.....

Yesterday started off like any other day.

Jason went to work and Tristan and I settled into our daily routine.

Jason came home for lunch just like he always does.  Played with Tristan for a while and then headed back to work.  When I kissed him goodbye, I told him to have a good afternoon and I would see him in a few hours.

About an hour later, I heard the garage door opening.

I immediately feared the worse.  Jason wasn't supposed to be home yet.  He had an important report that he had to finish up at work.

I opened the door to the garage to meet him, and he was in tears.  The last time I had seen him like this was when he came to get me at work to tell me my mother was dying.

All he kept saying over and over was "I'm sorry".

He had lost his job.


Today is a new day.

We are looking at this as a new opportunity for us.  We are trying to stay positive and be optimistic.

Jason is very skilled in what he does and hopefully will have no trouble finding a new job.  Unfortunately, in his field, there are no other jobs where we are currently living, so we will have to relocate.  We had really hoped to call our current city "home", but it just isn't meant to be.  We are really hoping to stay close to family when we move, but of course, we will have to go where the jobs are.

Please send some good vibes our way in the upcoming months.  This could prove to be an especially stressful time for us, since I just recently quit my job to stay at home with our son.

Surprisingly, I am at peace right now.  I really feel like this was meant to happen at this point in our lives. I feel as though there is something bigger and better out there for us.

Right now, our future is uncertain.

But I do know this.

Together, the three of us can handle anything that life throws at us.  


Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Girl, look at your awesome attitude!! Way to not be a downer. I'm so sorry that happened :( Been there, and not good news to hear. Your heart just drops. In our experience it was totally for the best! There WAS better things in the future. You are smart for seeing that now! Good luck in the coming months. ;)

EL said...

wow your so strong for staying positive! im so sorry to hear that though =( i hope oppurtunities go your way and good luck with everything!

Crystal said...

So sorry to hear this but sometimes bad things turn out to be blessings in disguise. Sounds like you have a great attitude - hang in there and try to see the positive!

Emmy said...

I am so sorry... that would be so hard, espeically for your husband as I am sure he feels like he is failing what he is supposed to be doing right now. But you are so right, hopefully this will lead to even bigger and better things. I hope something is able to happen quickly for you all.

Anna said...

Girl you know I completely know the feeling Jason had, and it sucks, but when one door closes another opens. You have a great attitude about it, and there may be times where it gets stressful, and you wonder when and what is going to happen, but at the right time and right place everything will happen like its supposed to. Go with what you feel you should do...whether its to stay or not, you may have to take a leap of faith. Keep us updated! Love ya! Hugs to you and Jason and cutie patootie Tristan

The Beaver Bunch said...

Move to the east coast. Preferably near me!

Seriously though, I saw this post when I was in the hospital and knew I needed to come back and give it more attention.

I'll be praying for you guys.

PS: The Carolinas are BEAUTIFUL in the spring. ;)