Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you ready for some football.....

I watched probably one of the best Superbowl games EVER, yesterday!!!! I had been rooting for the Giants all along, but felt that they probably just weren't going to be able to beat the undefeated New England Patriots. I am so glad that I was wrong. The NY defense played one of their best games of the season, sacking Tom Brady more times than he had been sacked all season. While the Patriots played a very good game it just wasn't quite good enough. I am especially happy for Eli Manning. Having won a Superbowl in only his fourth season in the NFL, he will finally be identified as Eli Manning, not Peyton Manning's little brother.
While I'm excited to have watched such a good game yesterday, it also means the end of football season until September. I have my wonderful husband to blame for my new found obsession with football. I absolutely LOVE football!!!!! I sure hope that this year flies bye so it's football season again before I know it.