Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am employed....

Well, it's official. I am now employed with Bank of America as a Personal Banker. I am feeling so many things right now--excited, anxious, nervous, scared. I really think I am going to enjoy working there once I take that first step of actually going back to work. I was able to meet most of the people that I will be working with and it seems like I'm going to be a good fit. There is one other PB besides myself. We seem to be around the same age and I'm hoping to learn a lot from him. While this is the same position I held with Chase, I feel this position with Bank of America will be more challenging and interesting. I won't have the stress of trying to force older more affluent customers to meet with a financial advisor. While I will miss the investment part, that was always the most stressful part of my previous job. Investments are not something you can force on someone, espcially if they aren't comfortable with it. At BOA, I will get to deal first hand with mortgages, instead of refering them to a mortgage officer. I will also get to deal with more business customers than I'm used to. I like a good challenge, so it should be an interesting and exciting adventure for me.

Jason is currently working on finishing his thesis. His defense is scheduled for April 15th. I admire him so much during this time in his life. Not only does he put in a full day in the lab at work, but when he comes home he puts in another 2-3 hours on his thesis. I know he will be glad when he can put this behind him. He also finds time in his crazy schedule to pamper and spoil me too--which I don't mind at all.

Valentine's Day is coming up. We are planning on going out to dinner at to a movie. I am SUPER excited about dinner. Sushi is one of our most favorite things. We haven't had sushi since before we left West Virginia in May, so we are both REALLY looking forward to that. I think it's going to be a great day.....we just love spending time with each other.