Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Extravaganza

This year, Mama M is hosting a Valentine's Day Extravaganza over on her blog, My Litttle Life.  It sounds like SO much fun.  Today we are supposed to write about  how we met the love of our life. 

The love of my life(that would be my WONDERFUL hubby, Jason) and I have known each other for 13 years, been together for 8 and married for almost 6.  I hate answering the question of how we met, because the truth is, we met in college because he dated my roomate.  Now before you get the wrong idea, let me explain. 

Nothing, and I repeat, nothing happened between us while they were dating.  I'm not that kind of girl  The only thing that DID result in their relationship was us becoming best friends. 

Unfortunately, there were many more boyfriends/girlfriends between the two of us before he wised up and admitted his feelings for me we ended up together. 

And the rest is history in the making while we live happily ever after. 

If you would like to join in, just click on this super snazzy button that Mama M made just for the occasion.


Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the Valentines Extravaganza! LOVE your layout!

Mama M. said...

You story is awesome...I think it's awesome that people find love through friendship!

Robyn Campbell said...

Love that story. I am Friday following. Sweet baby boy. =)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha...what you lined out was cute!

Stopping by from the Valentine's Extravaganz too! Mama M's idea is so much fun...I'm barely managing between work and sleep to get my posts up before she closes the MckLinky... :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Brook said...

You know Jodi...I think that any of us who met out significant others at LC have similar reservations about answering "how we met"! LOL! There was no way around friends dating friends dating other friends former flames! Just how it is! :) I am just glad you guys finally figured it all out!! LOL!